Is the deadlift really the king of exercises?

Is the deadlift really the king of exercises? It's touted as the king and ultimate exercise for building muscle, strength, power and core stability. However this is debatable at best... In head to head comparison with the trap deadlift, multiple studies show the trap deadlift is better for maximal force and power. Next for building hamstring strength needed in athletic ability such as sprinting. Nordic curls may be a better option as they allow higher eccentric overload. For use as...

What is “Nutrition: Without The Bullshit” all about

What’s the difference between "Nutrition: Without The Bullshit" and every other weight loss book?   The big difference is this isn’t a fad diet book or pseudoscience book. I don't try to convince you the cause of fat-loss is sugar, toxins or eating breakfast.   In fact, I pretty much do the opposite. Spending a 3rd of the book debunking much of the BS around nutrition.   Most nutrition books like to convert you into a certain way of thinking and restrict your lif...

Why the scales won’t budge (even when you do everything right)

Sometimes you can be doing everything right. Eating healthy, not drinking much if any alcohol, following a well-structured exercise program, but you step on the scales and they haven’t budged, no even a gram. Undeterred, you push even harder, exercising more and be even stricter with your food. One week later you get the scales out again. You are excited and ready to see all your hard work pay off. However you get on the scales and still nothing, you haven’t even lost half a pound, how...

3 Fake Health Foods

Coconut oil meme
Health foods are all the rage nowadays. From Spirulina infused smoothies to protein cheese, every company is jumping on the bandwagon. Although everyone is trying to focus on healthy foods. Many are just using advertising loopholes to make their foods sound healthier.   To make sure you don’t get caught out, here are 3 of the worst culprits who have managed to sneak into the health food section like a trojan horse. Some are well established and others might surprise you. 1.Coconut ...

7 biggest gym mistakes

Gyms can often be a confusing place, with potentially thousands of different exercises and workouts to try. Endless diet and lifestyle tips. It’s no wonder people struggle to get things right. However here are the 7 of the biggest mistakes, avoid these common mistakes and your results will skyrocket: 1. Not having a structured workout plan People wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do, is a common sight in gyms, moving from one piece of equipment to the next. I understa...

Exercise, not diet is the key to a lean body

Women weight training
Exercise the key to a lean body To some, saying exercise is the key to a lean body is controversial. However, being lean is more than just about having an absence of fat, it's also about having muscle. If getting in shape was all about dieting, then everyone would aspire to look like concentration camp victims as they have very low body-fat. But they don't, in my experience, people want to look toned, with visible muscle definition. Although diet helps with this, it only helps if one exercis...