How to lose weight and alienate people

Losing weight can be hard work, but it can be made easier when you base your identity and existence around it. If you aren't sure how to do this, don't worry, I've created an easy six-step guide. Step one: Pick a cult-like diet, any diet can work, but the more extreme the better. Paleo, vegan, low carbohydrate, ketogenic and detox are all good choices. Step two: Find a guru or book dedicated to the science or pseudoscience of your diet. Memorise all the amazing benefits of your diet a...

The problem with Paleo

paleo diet
I’m sure you’ve heard of the paleo or caveman diet. The basic premise of this diet is that people are not adapted to eat a neolithic diet of grains, legumes and dairy. Instead we should eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Doing this will help our weight normalise and chronic health problems such as issues such as joint pains, type 2 diabetes and obesity disappear.   Advocates of the paleo diet believe we are riddled with health issues because we are ...