What is “Nutrition: Without The Bullshit” all about

What’s the difference between “Nutrition: Without The Bullshit” and every other weight loss book?


The big difference is this isn’t a fad diet book or pseudoscience book. I don’t try to convince you the cause of fat-loss is sugar, toxins or eating breakfast.


In fact, I pretty much do the opposite. Spending a 3rd of the book debunking much of the BS around nutrition.


Most nutrition books like to convert you into a certain way of thinking and restrict your lifestyle.


Making life more rigid and inflexible. The whole premise of this book is to avoid that for a simple reason.


Creating extreme and strict rules around food often makes it harder to follow,  in the long run, leading to failure, rebound and even binge eating.


The aim of the book is to help you become more relaxed about food and understand it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing mentality. You can in-fact make small changes that lead to big results.


Diving into the main causes of overeating you will learn how the brain can become addicted to food and how this can actually affect your ability to sense hunger and satiety.


Few diet books actually explain what causes us to overeat. Instead, they just promote a diet low in calories and expect you to use willpower to achieve your weight-loss.


However as I explain throughout the book, this approach is doomed to fail. In order to develop successful weight-loss habits, you need to understand what causes overeating. Once you know this, you can reverse engineer that to create a successful weight-loss plan.


The book finishes by exploring gut health, whether whole grains are good for you and a few other frequently asked questions.


Although the book can get technical at times, it’s a short read packed full of useful applicable information that’ll help you understand nutrition better than 99% of People, while giving you an effective fat loss solution.

If you want to learn more about the book, check it out on Amazon. Or if you have amazon prime, download it for free.