The Gym

Renaissance Fitness is Ledbury’s only 24-hour gym. Focused on creating a unique space with the best facilities that our members feel is their own.

Ledbury gyms functional room, with a custom built ride, gymnastic rings and climbing rope.

Our custom-built rig has everything you need for truly functional fitness. From a salmon ladder to rope climbs, gymnastic rings and endless pull up bars. You won’t find anything else like this in Ledbury.

Ledbury gyms cardio room, with treadmills, skiergs, curve treadmills, rowers, assault bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers.

Our fully equipped cardio area has the very best equipment from concept 2 bikes, rowers and skiergs to curve treadmills and assault bikes. If you want to get a sweat on and burn some calories, we’ve got you covered.

Renaissance Fitness's up stairs strength area with plate loaded strength equipment and pin loaded strength equipment.

Our plate loaded weights equipment is brilliant if strength and muscle tone is your thing, with unilateral loading your muscles will be pushed to the limit.

The renaissance fitness strength room has squat racks, flat and incline bench's and a preacher curl.

If you like to keep things simple, there is always our room for squats, deadlifts and bench pressing.

Last but not least, everyone needs changing rooms and showers. Especially if you are popping in for an early morning workout.

Join us

We have no contracts and membership is only £35 a month with a free induction and personal 1-1 workout plan and free classes.