Amazing secrets of bodyweight training

It’s well established dumbbells and barbells are some of the best equipment to use. However bodyweight based exercises offer unique benefits over almost any other type of training and although not essential, I highly recommend it. One of the reasons is they are known as closed chain exercises, this means the whole body is free to move. For example a very advanced closed chain exercise would be a freestanding handstand press up. To perform this requires tremendous core and upper body stre...

How to master the human flag

Ollie Chapman Human Flag
Mastering the Human Flag The human flag or side lever in gymnastics is one of my favourite exercise. It builds shoulder, oblique, abs and lower back strength synergistically. So most noteworthy it develops strength through the lateral and spiral lines of the body. Often extremely neglected muscles within the body. Ever heard of someone do a workout focused on the obliques, quadratus lumborum, tensia fasciae latae and adductors? I'm guessing never. However these muscles in conjun...