The New Renaissance Fitness

We’ve moved into something bigger and better. Renaissance fitness is now no longer a PT studio, but a fully functional 24-hour gym with a built-in PT area. Taking the leap from a bespoke training studio to a 4000 sqft gym with 4 separate training rooms certainly wasn’t easy.

Transforming into a 24-hour gym with enough equipment to please everybody took some hard toil, sleepless nights and a fair bit of blood, sweat and tears.

We only had 2 months to transform the building, there were many early alarms and late nights. Yet although it was far from easy with a seemingly never-ending to-do list, from sourcing and collecting equipment, building bespoke equipment, laying flooring, developing a marketing strategy, to creating a 24-hour system amongst other things.

It was simple and purposeful, create a space where members could have a truly great workout, a gym where pushing sledges, climbing ropes, using heavy or light dumbbells, cross trainers or curve treadmills went hand in hand. A place where our cardio equipment is good enough for the most diehard athlete or first-time gym-goer. 

However, we did it and are now proud to call 12 Bye street our new home. After many years of helping people 1-1, it really was time to do something bigger get more people fitter and healthier than ever. 

So that’s what we’ve done, we’ve even had a whole Rebrand by SH Design Malvern, for a more modern look, showcasing our new business while integrating the best of our old system.

We plan on adding more fitness classes, helping more people than ever before with our PT and workout plans and fully functional 24-hour gym.