The team

Team Renaissance – Who are we?

Ollie Chapman

The owner of the gym Renaissance Fitness and is International best selling author. Ollie has studied with many of the top experts in the UK and America. He competed in strongman, kettlebells, mountain biking and obstacle runs.

Training in a variety of disciplines has helped him learn more about what works and what doesn’t. A specialist in neurokinetic therapy an advanced massage and injury recovery system. Ollie loves to learn and help people live healthier better lives through intelligent lifestyle plans and quality Personal Training. With over 11 years of experience, he has managed to help everyone from high-level athletes to businessmen and busy parents.

Hereford Personal Trainer


Emma qualified as a Lawyer in 2008.  As a lawyer Emma would meet with her clients regularly and assist them with their legal issues respecting confidentiality and showing empathy and understanding.  Emma’s years of working in the legal profession means Emma is able to analyse information and is able to use this skill to provide the best training programme for the client’s needs.
In 2017 Emma decided to pursue her career in fitness having been interested in fitness since high school.  Emma has taken part in many sporting events such as Mud runner, Icebreaker, Duathlons, Cycling events, the Great North Run, Blenheim Palace Triathlon and Edinburgh, Portsmouth and London Marathon.  It is because of Emma training and taking part in these events that she knows how to train people for endurance sports.
Emma qualified as a level 3 personal trainer in 2018 and recently completed level 3 exercise referral.  Emma is currently studying to complete her level 3 sports conditioning and level 4 Obesity and Diabetes.
Emma enjoys weight training as well as running and hopes to help woman have the confidence to train with weights.  She is also a busy working mum of 3 so understands it can be hard to fit training into a busy life and knows how to create a training program to fit around other commitments and get the results you want.
Emma is also passionate about nutrition and loves cooking and creating healthy recipes that do not require you to be in the kitchen all day.

George James

George James Personal Trainer

I’m a Personal Trainer at Renaissance Fitness.
I became a PT after being forced to leave behind my dream of a rugby career due to injury. From the age of 15, I suffered from recurring hamstring tears on both sides, and eventually left Gloucester Rugby after being at the forefront of the academy for several years, as well as involvement in the England age group set up.
For 2 years, I completely sidelined any sport or exercise altogether as I struggled to deal with my frustration towards what happened to me, and also how I was dealt with by coaches and physios during my treatments. However, when I turned 20 I began rekindling my love for fitness. It became clear that I had veered off a path towards my true purpose, which has always been sport and performance.
If I couldn’t perform to the highest level myself, I wanted to help others do exactly that. Not only competitive athletes but everyone; performing at the highest level means different things to different people. For you, it might mean improving your performance at work, or it could mean being able to play with your kids or grandkids and not get tired and have to stop because of aches and pains.
I strongly believe that all of us are lying on a bed of dormant potential that we can’t even begin to fathom, and I want to help people see that, and unlock it.
If you want to level up your training and see huge improvements to the quality of your life outside of the gym, get in touch and we’ll organise a time to chat and see how I can potentially help you.


Although not a Personal Trainer, scnhapps is a very important member of the team and helps make everyone welcome.