Fitness Classes

Who else wants to join our fun varied workouts that burn fat and create a toned lean body?


What to try something a little different and more effective than a normal gym routine..?

…Then our fitness classes might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why our Fitness Classes?

Unlike traditional gyms, our fitness classes are not basic circuits or your standard spin sessions. We’ve taken everything developed during our extremely effective Personal Training programs and modified it for small groups.

This means everyone who comes to our classes gets the best training possible. Expert Personal Trainers run the sessions and constantly check you are performing everything correctly.

During our sessions you get:

  • Training with other like-minded individuals making it almost impossible not to feel motivated and ready to exercise 
  • Fun varied workouts using a variety of training equipment such as battling ropes, kettlebells and other unique equipment, great for burning fat fast.
  • Constant supervision and guidance to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and optimally
  • Small groups to keep everything personal and allow better guidance and support

Why not come along and see what you think? Below is a completely unedited clip from an ‘average session’.


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