What to try something a little different than a normal gym routine…?

…Then our fitness classes in ledbury might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why our Fitness Classes?

Unlike traditional gyms, our fitness classes are not filled with 20 people, instead we limit to 8.  We have four bespoke fitness classes designed to help you become fitter, leaner and stronger.

Metabolic Monday is a high-intensity interval session focused on taking your fitness through the roof and burning more calories than you thought possible. Be warned though, this session is tough.

Iron O’clock Tuesday is a full-body strength session focused around lifting weights and cardio to build strength and lean muscle. We use of kettlebells, dumbbells and body-weight exercises in this session to develop, strength, mobility and a strong core.

Thursday Calisenthics is a bodyweight specific strength and mobility class using basic to advanced bodyweight movements for full-body mastery.

All three classes are at 7pm.

Expert Personal Trainers and class instructors run all our sessions and constantly check you are performing everything correctly.

During our sessions you get:

  • Training with other like-minded individuals making it almost impossible not to feel motivated and ready to exercise 
  • Fun varied workouts using a variety of training equipment such as battling ropes, kettlebells and other unique equipment, great for burning fat fast.
  • Constant supervision and guidance to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and optimally
  • Small groups to keep everything personal and allow better guidance and support

Why not come along and see what you think?