Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training, which is best?

Body-weight exercise vs bodybuilding
It is a common debate, which is better, traditional weight training or body-weight training? In this video, I break down some of the differences between the two and which is best. Such as the difference between closed and open chain exercise. The injury risk of body-weight exercise compared to powerlifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. Finally, we look at which form of training develops more strength, more muscle and less injury. I hope you enjoy the video and the results migh...

How to master the human flag

Ollie Chapman Human Flag
Mastering the Human Flag The human flag or side lever in gymnastics is one of my favourite exercise. It builds shoulder, oblique, abs and lower back strength synergistically. So most noteworthy it develops strength through the lateral and spiral lines of the body. Often extremely neglected muscles within the body. Ever heard of someone do a workout focused on the obliques, quadratus lumborum, tensia fasciae latae and adductors? I'm guessing never. However these muscles in conjun...

How to do a muscle up a Personal Trainers guide

Renaissance Fitness's expert Personal Trainers, Ollie and Chris show you how to master the muscle up. The muscle up is an impressive looking exercise and not only that, it is also great for building upper body strength. It allows you to train pretty much every upper body muscle in one movement from the wrists to lats, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. Most people assume the muscle up is simply a dip and pull up, however it has quite a few other elements such as the false grip, muscle up ...