7 biggest gym mistakes

Gyms can often be a confusing place, with potentially thousands of different exercises and workouts to try. Endless diet and lifestyle tips. It’s no wonder people struggle to get things right. However here are the 7 of the biggest mistakes, avoid these common mistakes and your results will skyrocket: 1. Not having a structured workout plan People wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do, is a common sight in gyms, moving from one piece of equipment to the next. I understa...

Exercise, not diet is the key to a lean body

Women weight training
Exercise the key to a lean body To some, saying exercise is the key to a lean body is controversial. However, being lean is more than just about having an absence of fat, it's also about having muscle. If getting in shape was all about dieting, then everyone would aspire to look like concentration camp victims as they have very low body-fat. But they don't, in my experience, people want to look toned, with visible muscle definition. Although diet helps with this, it only helps if one exercis...

Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training, which is best?

Body-weight exercise vs bodybuilding
It is a common debate, which is better, traditional weight training or body-weight training? In this video, I break down some of the differences between the two and which is best. Such as the difference between closed and open chain exercise. The injury risk of body-weight exercise compared to powerlifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. Finally, we look at which form of training develops more strength, more muscle and less injury. I hope you enjoy the video and the results migh...