Can I drink alcohol and lose weight?

Can I drink alcohol and lose weight
Weight-loss can seem a real battle at times, plain boring food, no drinking, no junk food, just an all round drag.   However, does it need to be like this? Basically can you drink alcohol and still lose weight? The short answer to this is yes you can. The long answer is it depends on what you drink.   You see everything we eat contains calories from fat, protein, carbohydrates and if you consume them, alcohol.   Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 ...

Vegetarians, vegans and b12 deficiency

I had a lot of great feedback from my last article on vegetarian dietary needs. One such point is that I might have come across a bit harsh on vegetarians themselves. If so this was not my intention. So I’d like to highlight, although being a vegetarian means you may need to be more aware of nutrient deficiencies.   It can be a very healthy diet and although it is very difficult to predict, some studies even show Seventh Day Adventists who ate little or no meat showed increases in he...

How to master the human flag

Ollie Chapman Human Flag
Mastering the Human Flag The human flag or side lever in gymnastics is one of my favourite exercise. It builds shoulder, oblique, abs and lower back strength synergistically. So most noteworthy it develops strength through the lateral and spiral lines of the body. Often extremely neglected muscles within the body. Ever heard of someone do a workout focused on the obliques, quadratus lumborum, tensia fasciae latae and adductors? I'm guessing never. However these muscles in conjun...

Why a lack of sleep could be making you fat – part two

By now i'm sure you've grasped the importance of getting enough sleep, if you haven't then I give up.  Hopefully though you have and now you want to know how to get a sound night's sleep. The big question is though, what's causing our poor sleep habits? Because although short sleep duration is bad for us. Obviously we didn't all just decide to start getting up earlier and going to bed later everyday. The amount of sunlight we have is no different, so what gives? The answer is our moder...

Why a lack of sleep might make you fat

Everyone love a good a good night's sleep. After a few sleepless nights we all start to feel a bit worse for wear. Some researchers even believe sleep is essential to help clear unresolved conflict and problems we’ve had during the day. I’m sure most of us can attest that after a good night's kip, the person we thought should be thrown into deep dark hole never to seen again, really isn’t so bad. Although sleep certainly has a huge affect on mental state and fatigue level, many of us battl...

How to do a muscle up a Personal Trainers guide

Renaissance Fitness's expert Personal Trainers, Ollie and Chris show you how to master the muscle up. The muscle up is an impressive looking exercise and not only that, it is also great for building upper body strength. It allows you to train pretty much every upper body muscle in one movement from the wrists to lats, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. Most people assume the muscle up is simply a dip and pull up, however it has quite a few other elements such as the false grip, muscle up ...