How to really make 2018 the best year yet

It’s a new year and with a new year people often make big resolutions and start strict diets. Crazy exercise routines and make January the month of suffering until they finally burnout, give up and go back to normal.


However I want to help you avoid doing this. Instead I want to help you make this year the best year ever.


Bu to do that, I want you to focus on doing less, but doing it all better than ever. Instead of making this year the complete transformation and new year, new me. How about the improved me, the model 2.0.


Instead of extreme and crazy changes, we follow a process so successful it created 66 gold medals for british cycling. This is the marginal gains theory…


“David Brailsford and the british cycling team had only won 2 gold medals from 1908-2002 but won 58 gold medals in world championships from 2003-2013 and 8 golds in the 2008-12012 olympics. Basically Coach Brailsford  operated on the marginal gains theory in which he aimed to improve his athletes in every aspect in 1% increments.


That’s right to achieve 66 gold medals, british cycling focused on improving themselves by 1% in every aspect of training.


I challenge you to do the same. Instead of going crazy for the next month, look at what small changes you can make that will be easy to maintain for the whole year.

Small Changes Add Up

For example, switching from a flat white coffee to a americano with milk could save you 250 calories a day. That’s 91250 calories less a year, the same calories in approximately 26 lb’s of fat.

Flat white vs americano

Or you could try eating more lean protein. Doing so has shown to drastically increase fullness and reduce total calorie intake, helping promote weight-loss.


Another simple option would be improving your sleep patterns as quality sleep helps reduce hunger, build muscle and improve overall health.


One of my personal favourites is of course to improve your exercise routine. If you don’t do so already, try following a good resistance training program as doing so helps build muscle and burn body-fat.


We’ve seen amazing results from people doing just one training session a week with us.


So how about it? This year instead of going extreme, follow the marginal gains plan. Aim to be just a little better in a few areas of life.


I promise overtime the results add up and eventually start to snowball. If you really want to transform yourself and make this year better than any other year. I promise you the best option is making small changes.


Obviously the choice is yours, but remember our daily habits are what make us who we are. If we change those, we change ourselves.


“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits, practical, emotional, and intellectual, systematically organised for our weal or woe, and bearing us irresistibly toward our destiny, whatever the latter may be.”​ – Willi