Personal Training

“We understand everyone has different goals, backgrounds, injuries and eating preferences. For this reason our personal training services are completely bespoke to each client, helping guarantee results.”

Our unique approach, developed from a decade of experience ensures you will be treated like a professional athlete.

We understand getting in shape ins’t easy and can often seem extremely frustrating. It might feel like you’ve tried everything…

If so relax, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve focused on creating a gym like no other where we help you get leaner, fitter and feeling better than ever.


We provide thoughtful weight loss and body transformation programmes. At Renaissance Fitness we work with you to  and establish your new healthy habits, producing astounding, life-changing results. Our methods have been honed for nearly 10 years to provide you with the most effective, total solution.

Our experience ranges from helping clients to fine-tune their training and nutrition so they can achieve the ultimate body, to supporting others who want to lose a stubborn last stone, to revolutionising the lives of those who’ve struggled with obesity for decades. A gimmick-free approach helps to end the cycle of unsustainable dieting and create a new way of living.

After training hundreds of clients we’ve constantly updated our program to make everything easier for you and provide:

  • Expert advice and assistance on everything health and fitness related (nutrition, Fitness)
  • Accountability to make sure you always turn up and have a great workout
  • Fun & varied workouts
  • Private studio dedicated to clients
  • Results, results, results
  • And much more

To learn more or book in for a free consultation call us or fill in the form below now: 07766304739

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