Elite Facilities

Renaissance Fitness is based in Ledbury and focuses on having the best facilities. This ensure all our clients get incredible results.

We are one of best equipped personal training gyms in the United Kingdom for getting results.

As a private gym we offer a range and quality of equipment that our clients have at their disposal.

For getting maximum results in minimum time we are probably one of the best equipped gyms.  This is a tough boast, but for getting leaner, stronger, losing body-fat and changing shape or more muscular we’ve got it covered.  Pick your goal and our equipment can be adapted to help you reach it. Whether it’s fat loss, building muscle, or just getting fit and healthy.

We are not a hardcore gym.  Everyone is welcome in our gym, we do not care about your ability.  We understand everyone has a different starting place and some people don’t want to be pushed to the extreme, they do want to feel better and develop a healthy lifestyle. Others want a tougher workout and rapid results. Whatever your goal, we are happy to help. We don’t judge, we just help you improve with a friendly atmosphere, fun training and a little push when you need it. We make sure you get the results you want.

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