7 ways to boost brain power

Wouldn't it be nice if you could concentrate for longer, avoid that midday brain fog and just feel like you are working at 100% more often? Well maybe you can with the help of this article. I've put together 7 proven ways to help boost your brain power. 1.Fish Eat more fish. Eating fish regularly has been linked to a higher IQ, better sleep patterns and a whole host more benefits. If you are a vegetarian I suggest taking algae oil and plenty of seaweed to get those vital omega 3 fatty aci...

Does natural mean healthy?

Does natural really mean healthy? Nowadays natural it's often deemed healthy and processed unhealthy. Unfortunately this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions around food to date. Although as a very basic rule less processed foods are healthier, with a little probing this rule quickly falls apart. Extreme examples would be arsenic and mercury, both completely natural substances, yet both extremely poisonous. You wouldn’t think i’m going to make an avocado and mercury cake b...

Sugar – the real truth

If there is one thing I really hate, it’s misinformation portrayed through over simplification. Unfortunately one of the biggest over simplifications is sugar, there are more myths around sugar than religion nowadays. From being more addictive than cocaine to the root cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Poor old sugar really has an endless list of deadly functions.   However, how true is this? If I start putting a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee today, will I be putting in ...

The problem with Paleo

paleo diet
I’m sure you’ve heard of the paleo or caveman diet. The basic premise of this diet is that people are not adapted to eat a neolithic diet of grains, legumes and dairy. Instead we should eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Doing this will help our weight normalise and chronic health problems such as issues such as joint pains, type 2 diabetes and obesity disappear.   Advocates of the paleo diet believe we are riddled with health issues because we are ...

Can I drink alcohol and lose weight?

Can I drink alcohol and lose weight
Weight-loss can seem a real battle at times, plain boring food, no drinking, no junk food, just an all round drag.   However, does it need to be like this? Basically can you drink alcohol and still lose weight? The short answer to this is yes you can. The long answer is it depends on what you drink.   You see everything we eat contains calories from fat, protein, carbohydrates and if you consume them, alcohol.   Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 ...