The ultimate fitness Christmas gift list

What to get for Christmas, it’s often a nightmare. Do you go for the funny gift for a cheap laugh? Or a random gift, or maybe just money. I find it’s near impossible to find something suitable.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate fitness gift list to help make things easier for you. All these products are brilliant for helping people get fitter than ever. As a bonus all of them except one are available on amazon for a quick easy purchase.

Resistance bands – A good set of resistance bands can be used for an endless array of exercises. Our recent ladies home workout plan utilises lots of band work to help get a toned and lean body. 

Ab Wheel – This simple piece of equipment may well be the best abdominal exercise you can do. Our clients regular come in talking about how sore their stomach muscles are after using it.

Fat gripz – Maybe not the best gift for a lady, but if you know a man who wants bigger stronger arms, fat gripz are brilliant to make arm exercises harder and more effective.

Liquid Chalk – Although not a piece of equipment, if you know someone who is serious about lifting weights, gymnastics, crossfit or anything inbetween. Liquid chalk with help give them a iron clad grip and make training that bit easier.

Olympic rings – Possibly the best piece of equipment for training the upper body. Olympic rings allow one to perform almost an endless amount of exercises to build strength and muscle. They are without a doubt my favourite piece of training equipment.

Kettlebells – Want to build endurance, burn fat and do it super fast? Then kettlebells might be just what you need. Although they require a bit of coaching to do it correctly, once the technique is mastered. The kettlebell becomes brilliant for fast effective workouts.

Selectable dumbbells – Want a whole set of dumbbells but don’t have the space? Try these, they take up the space of just one dumbbell, but with just the click of a button can become almost any weight.

Chin up bar – A stable exercise for any fitness plan, chin ups and pull ups are brilliant for the arms and back and all you need is a door frame.

Gym Vouchers – Not sure if someone will workout at home? Then why not grab them some vouchers for a gym, fitness classes or Personal Training to help them get the best results possible.