Fitness instructor vs Personal Trainer, what’s the difference?

Nowadays Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer seem an interchangeable description, but are they the same?


Quite simply no! A fitness instructor is a basic gym qualification allowing you to oversee people in the gym. It does not qualify someone to perform one to one training.


The reason is a fitness instructor is normally a level 2 qualification taking around 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. It’s a great introduction into fitness and really useful if you want to start working in a gym, because you won’t get very far without it.


However if you wanted to work in my Ledbury gym as a fitness instructor you’d be out of luck. Why? We only employee Personal Trainers because unlike most gyms, everyone gets a Personal Trainer.


I know most Ledbury and Malvern gyms have hundreds of members so it simply isn’t feasible for everyone to have a Personal Trainer. A standard fitness instructor is all they want as although people will get a little bit of advice. In these style gyms it is pretty much a go it alone protocol.

Ledbury fitness instructor

Nothing wrong with that, it works really well for some people. Renaissance Fitness doesn’t work like that though, we believe, in-fact we know people get better results when they expert guidance.

Personal Trainers for all

Every member uses a Personal Trainer even if they come to our fitness classes it’s a Personal Trainer. This is because even the most basic Personal Training qualification entails more than twice the training of a fitness instructor.


Although our trainers are far higher qualified and better trained than the most basic PT courses. In-fact our trainers are qualified to the highest degree and always keep up to date with the latest research and training principles to make sure our clients get the best results.


We pride ourselves on getting clients incredible results from tailor made training and nutrition programs to brilliant equipment.

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