Cat Lawford

Personal Training circles are getting very exciting and as a Personal Trainer myself, in
this Industry for 14 years now, I can honestly say there has never been a better time
to access some of the worlds best coaches with superb forums, sites and networks.
There have always been ‘guru’s’ but again, it is a different world now in terms of
approachability – the best of them WANT to help the rest of us to achieve the best
heights for ourselves, in turn to offer the best service to our clients, and they share
their knowledge through their interactive web sites, the courses and workshops they
offer and the articles they write for our continued career development.
Every so often a name will start to emerge in these forums that you can sense is going
to be inspirational and innovative and Oliver’s name crops up often as an intelligent
force to be reckoned with, huge insight into training techniques and nutrition and
evidently very well read.
So when I got the chance to work with him (he offered Kenetic Chain Assessment –
KCA – to a fellow local trainer), I jumped at it!
Traveling to Ledbury (a fair distance), was well worth it, and for 4 weeks he tackled my
lower back problems with flair and a confident, superb knowledge of what he is doing.
But it doesn’t stop there – he seems to know so much more than ‘just’ KCA and (for
example), he taught me to deep breath properly for the first time ever (I couldn’t
move for 10 minutes afterwards – too oxygenated!).
As I drove home one day I thought “I must get this man over to my club”!
So for some weeks we booked clients with Ollie and he then proceeded to get fantastic
results with them too – unlocking concrete ankles, assessing joint problems, and
adding his considerable knowledge to aid client’s nutritional plans to help speed up
the recovery processes, and support what he wanted to achieve with them. He is also
super-friendly and became a good friend over out time working together.
Cat Lawford – Gym owner