Choose your Personal Trainer carefully

People ask us what’s the difference between training with you and other local Personal Trainers in Malvern, Worcester or Hereford?

It’s a good question? I mean we really can’t all be that different can we? We’ve all done the same qualifications haven’t we? Well actually no. The level of training between individual Personal Trainers throughout the whole UK can vary hugely. It is possible to work with Personal Trainer who has done a 5 week qualification and has no other experience in fitness whatsoever.

Although this is absolutely fine and everyone has to start somewhere. Our Personal Trainers encompass either a degree sports science. Or over a decade of learning and developing expertise by studying with various experts from around the globe on top of years of experience training themselves and others.

Personally we’d like to think although both our staff and a newbie with just 5 weeks experience are deemed Personal Trainers. They are in-fact worlds apart.

Who would you trust more to perform an invasive surgery to remove a brain tumour? Someone with 5 weeks training or a surgeon with 10 years experience and thousands of hours studying to become even better.

I know who i’d rather have. I point here is certainly not to put down newly trained Malvern Personal Trainers. In-fact I wish them the best of like as it’s pretty tough industry. I do however wish to highlight why we may be unlike some other gyms and PT’s in Hereford & Worcester area.

Not a traditional Gym, everyone gets a Personal Trainer here

One of the differences between us and traditional gyms is we are solely focused on Personal Training and small groups. We don’t have an open membership, this means you are always getting quality training and plenty of accountability to show up.

It also means we don’t have to worry about other members. No waiting for equipment, the gym is never messy or full of people being generally being hostile and unfriendly. When you come to us, the gym is just you, the trainer and sometimes another trainer and client, that’s it.

Our Gym, Your space

During the hour with us you will have a focused session in your own private space tailored to your needs for the best possible results.

If you want to know more please feel free to get in touch.