Thor Workout Program

Want a body like Chris Hemsworth the god of Thunder from Thor? Probably, he does look pretty sharp.

That’s why we’ve created a workout video to help you get there.

This workout is exactly what we’d start with if Personal Training someone with Thor body goals.

It’s quite clear Chris Hemsworth is looking pretty lean and muscular in the film.

To help develop hefty physique like his we started the workout with heavy compound movements taking inspiration

from Reg Parks original 5×5 program. A great plan for building muscle and strength.

Exercise 1: Back Squats 5×5. For overall leg development.

Exercise 2: Weighted Pull ups 4×6-8. For a wide back.

Exercise 3: Weighted Dips 4×6-8. For chest, shoulders and triceps, most people do bench press. But dips are the upper body squat and work awesome for building muscle.

Exercise 4: Single Arm Rows 4×6-8. Pull ups build your lats, and rows help bring up the mid back muscles such as traps and rhomboids.

Exercise 5: Push Press 4×6-8. The push press is an incredible shoulder exercise that allows you to lift more weight by using a little leg drive. If you want brute strength and big shoulders, do this exercise.

Exercise 6: Farmers walks 3×20 meters. A staple in strongman training, the farmers’ walk is brilliant for building a strong grip and thick muscular traps.

Now we come to the second part of the workout. Here we focus on isolation exercises to bring up muscles that are hard to target with compound movements. These could easily be two separate workouts. These exercises are done for higher repetitions as its hard to keep form when going heavy on isolation movements like these.

Exercise 7: Body-weight reverse fly’s 3×10-12. This exercise is much harder than it looks, but it’s worth the effort to bring up the rear deltoids.

Exercise 8: Lateral raises 3×10-12. This is an awesome exercise to help create wide shoulders.

Exercise 9: Hammer curls 3×10-12. We had to do hammer curls, its Thor, goddammit..